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Dry Slides

Dry Slides

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Dry Slides

18' Patriot Dry Slide

18' Princess Dry Slide

22' Rockin Rapids Dry Slide

22' Rockin Rapids Dry Slide

24' Racer - Dry

You want a BIG slide? Here it is! 24 FEET HIGH! This slide is massive! If you want an adrenaline rush, climb on up the 24' Racer! There you will be able to race your friends straight down 24 feet! The 24' Racer is great for kids and adults. It has 2 slides and 2 landing zones. Double the slides, double the fun!

18' Big Kahuna - DRY

The Big Kahuna is an 18 foot high dry slide proving that BIG is Better! This slide is orange and blue with two giant fish on each the left and right of the slide. The Big Kahuna is sure to be a hit at your next event!

18' Racer Dry Slide

This 18' double lane slide is one of the most popular slides in our product line. Our 18' Racer is known for thrills with its height and fast paced slip. Its bright colors are sure to get attention!

18' Party Wave - DRY

The 18' Party Wave Dry Slide is a primary colored bouncer with a landing zone at the end. It is a great match for any event.This height plus the waves on the slide as you slide down, adds extra speed and fun for your party!

18' Black and Gold Slide - DRY

Who Dat! The Black and Gold Dry Slide is great for all you Saints fans out there! This 18 foot tall slide has the added waves as you slide down to add to the excitement and fun for your special event. Lets Go Saints!!

16' Sea Breeze - DRY

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