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Mini Football

The Mini Football game will become one of the most popular additions to your party! With its sports theme, it fits into any type of celebration from birthdays to outdoor barbecues, which means it is perfectly suited for entertaining guests during every season. Its size also makes it ideal for older kids and adults to test out their throwing arm as they compete to see who hits the goal! *INCLUDES 2 FOOTBALLS

Mini Baseball

Knock your party out of the park with the Mini Baseball game! *INCLUDES 2 BASEBALLS AND 2 BATS

Mini Basketball

The Mini Basketball is the perfect game for your party. Grab a friend and go shoot some hoops! *INCLUDES 2 BASKETBALLS

Mini Soccer

GOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL! The Mini Soccer game is perfect for any party. Challenge your friends and see who can score they most goals! *INCLUDES 2 SOCCER BALLS

Bungee Run

This interactive is a sure way to test your strength and running ability against your closest competitors! Once you get strapped into the vests to ensure safety the battle begins!

Jousting Ring

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in the Medieval Ages? Well, kids and adults of all ages... your dream can come true today! You can experience it all, but without the sharp, dangerous swords, of course!

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